High Quality Estate Mulch

For Mulch needs on Long Island, Crown is King!

At Crown, we save over 500,000 cubic yards of wood waste from entering a landfill each year.

Our all-natural, bio-degradable mulch is recycled from trees and stumps collected throughout the year from all areas of Long Island and the five boroughs. We triple-grind the materials to create a smooth, deep-dark, and rich “Organic Root Mulch”.

Organic Root Mulch is preferred by professional landscapers as it has a high-class, finished look and it lasts much longer than other forms of conventional mulch. Additionally, Crown produces colored mulches made from clean palates and clean white wood. We double and triple grind these materials to create “Colorized” mulch; available in red, brown, and black.

As Crown creates its own mulch, we strive to give you the very best service and best prices available.

For all your Commercial and large residential mulch needs, call Crown at (631) 727-3939




Mulch in action

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